Sr. X @ SC Gallery, Bilbao

EXISTA! is the brand that creates fashion, the monopoly that comprises the rest of universal enterprises. It sponsors our lives; it creates role models, ways of life, schemes of thought, and, as its ultimate goal, consumer goods.
This is the vision of society that Sr. X proposes, a kind of Orwellian paradise, schizophrenic and privatized, where the Big Brand rules and decides – escorted by mass media, like tentacular ramifications – how should we use our energy and impulses during the time when we hire their compulsory services, that is, all our lives!

In this exhibition, put together specially for SC Gallery, different shots of our modern daily life are shown, sieved through an unique filter, following a time journey full of fake smiles, budgetary joy, sponsored desire, from birth to death, on a road packed with imperatives, bills, invoices and yearnings.

You can take a look at it at SC Gallery, Bilbao, from September 17th to October 12th or check online in the Off the street section in www.sr-x.com
Inaguration friday 17th at 19.3o

All of it, of course, promoted and sponsored by EXISTA!

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