The show is coming up and yet even faster is the DEADLINE to SUBMIT your artwork for sale and or your stickers to display.

That being said the deadline is MARCH 18th

Those of you that have submitted in the past this time there is a theme for your submissions,
Please in one form or another incorporate the “hello my name is” template and or actual stickers in to your design/artwork and or stickers. For those of you being your first time submitting to the show feel free to do the above theme and or send in anything prints, paste-up posters, stickers etc..

Submission art work sizes to be displayed & sold can range from 4x6in.up to 24x36in. You are also welcome and encouraged to send in other stickers to be given out, traded & displayed in the street style combo /collage install. ALL ART MUST BE READY TO HANG!!!-We can not stress this enough!!! Send to the listed address below before March 18th 2011. We will not be able to return the artwork to you unless YOU send it prepaid or prior arrangements are made. If you want whatever you send back.. It’s up to YOU!…So send something you won’t miss or price it to sell (60%-Artist 40%Gallery). It will be taking place downtown Tempe. There will be an array of artists contributing locally, nationally and WORLDWIDE. Some of the past years artists were TooFly, Obey, Mear1, BigFoot1, Branded, Robots Will Kill,14 Bolt, 123 Klan and MANY Others. Most of the featured artists will be in attendance and this year it is strongly encouraged you make it to the opening night. Send your sticky art in!!! Support the urban art movement!

Send ART to:

Mad Ink Designz

4204 N. 38th st.

Unit 4

Phoenix, Arizona



More Info at: www.StickerPhiends.com

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